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Flushable camping toilet with pop up privacy tent

Flushable camping toilet with pop up privacy tent

Toilets help you earn more.

Hipcamp sites with toilets see 2 times the occupancy of those without and toilets are our second-most-used filter, with 10% of all searchers wanting a toilet. By investing in a toilet, you are elevating your land in more searches, improving the camper experience, and protecting your land.


Upgrade your Hipcamp with this flushable composting toilet with a privacy tent. This toilet provides a comfortable and hygienic solution for all your outdoor bathroom needs.

Odor-free and easy to use

Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and messy cleanup with our portable restroom solution. The portable toilet tents for camping feature a unique flush system that effectively eliminates odors and keeps the area fresh. These portable p toilets are designed for easy operation, allowing you to quickly dispose of waste in the luggable loo waste tank. The waste stays securely sealed, ensuring a hygienic and odor-free camping experience.

Hygienic and sanitary solution

This camp toilet portable and outdoor pop up tent are designed with hygiene in mind. The small toilet design ensures a clean and sanitary lavatory experience, using fresh water for flushing. The portable restroom solution is perfect for those who value cleanliness and want to maintain a high level of hygiene during their outdoor activities.

Durable and portable design

Our adult camping toilet is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Constructed with durable materials, these porta potties are perfect for camping. The compact and lightweight design ensures easy portability, making them ideal for any outdoor adventure. 

Portable toilet and privacy tent combo

Our portable toilets for camping come with a dedicated pop up privacy tent for portable toilet, creating a complete outdoor bathroom setup. This pop up bathroom tent serves as an outdoor changing room and also a portable shower tent, allowing you to comfortably change clothes or freshen up in private. The portable toilet tent offers a hassle-free setup and ensures that you have a dedicated space for personal moments. Privacy Tent for Camping is the perfect addition to your camping adventure.

Hipcamp's toilet policy

As a Hipcamp Host, you must ensure that human waste is disposed of in a way that’s compliant with local laws, including public health and environmental health regulations.

All campsites listed on Hipcamp must have access to a toilet, whether provided by the Host or the Hipcamper. If the Host provides a toilet, it must be onsite with unrestricted access to Hipcampers. (Hosts offering sites with provided accommodations must provide a contracted portable toilet, a rustic toilet, or an advanced toilet; basic transportable camp toilets are not allowed.) If you're not able to provide a toilet onsite, Hipcampers must bring their own camp toilet. Review our full toilet policy.

 Disclaimer: Host supplies currently only ship within the United States.

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